Letter to Judicial Conference Regarding Judicial Misconduct

February 24, 2019

In the wake of former law clerk Olivia Warren’s testimony concerning her experience of harassment by late Judge Stephen Reinhardt and the failures of new judicial reporting procedures, Yale Law Women joined a coalition of students to send a letter demanding that the federal judiciary implement meaningful reforms to prevent and address abusive employment practices.

“As the February 13th testimony before the House Judiciary Committee made clear, current processes are not sufficient,” the letter declares. “We urge additional reforms that we believe are essential to improving the functioning and culture of the judiciary.”

Yale Law School Title IX Working Group, Harvard Women’s Law Association, People’s Parity Project, Stanford Law School for Gender Violence Prevention, and Women of Stanford Law joined YLW in the letter addressed to the Judicial Conference. We call on the Conference to conduct federal judiciary climate surveys with public results, expand the role of the Office of Judicial Integrity, centralize employment discrimination responses for federal judges, and share information about reports of judicial misconduct with law schools.

“We are frustrated by the slow progress in combating misconduct in the judiciary, and we urge immediate action,” we write. “The brave testimony of Olivia Warren is a reminder that these issues must not be ignored.”


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