Student Guides

In our effort to advance the status of women at YLS and beyond as well as make positive contributions to the YLS community, Yale Law Women seeks to make crucial academic and professional information readily available. We create resources to facilitate collaborative learning, encourage transparency, and increase access to institutional knowledge.

In order to access these resources, please click the links below and enter “yaleNetID” and your password when prompted. These resources are for exclusive use by current members of the Yale Law School community. Any external circulation or commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

Academic Resources


Professional Resources

  • Public Interest Careers Glossary: names and briefly describes the many kinds of jobs and internships that fall within the category “public interest law.”
  • YLW Work/Life Balance Questions: suggests questions regarding work-life balance and family friendly policies to ask potential employers.
  • Professor Contacts: connects YLS students to other students who have had experience working with professors, whether in a writing, researching, or other capacity.

Thank you to those that have contributed to the research and design of these guides:

Bita Assad, Hana Bajramovic, Dwayne Betts, Meg Braun, Michelle Cho, Marisa Choy, Liz Deutsch, Lara Dominguez, Jess Friley, Rose Goldberg, Grace Heusner, Jaunita John, Tanya Kapoor, Kat Loomis, Carmen Lu, Jie Min, Divya Musinipally, Lauren Pratt, Jessi Samuels, Julia Shu, Claire Simonich, Joya Sonnenfeldt, Sonia Steinway, Devorah Toren, Grace Zhang, and Hana Bajramovic