Yale Law Women+ (YLW+) works to advance the status of women and typically underrepresented gender identities at Yale Law School and in the legal profession at large. To realize this mission and advocate on behalf of our membership, we create programming, resources, and mentorship opportunities to bolster women’s and underrepresented gender identities’ pursuit of their professional and personal goals. 

YLW+ is a non-partisan organization committed to building a supportive community of women and underrepresented gender identities at Yale Law School and beyond.

2024–2025 YLW+ Board

Co-Chairs – Eniola Ajao and Hannah Terrapin

Academics Chairs – Caitlyn Jordan and Indu Pandey

Advancement & Scholarship Chair – Katie Kroft

Alumni Relations Chairs – Liz Beling and Claire Ren

Community Engagement Chairs – Alexandra Melishkevich and Catey Vera

Finance Chair – Liz Beling

Professional Development Chair – Ruth Tomlin

Prior Boards


Co-Chairs – Brittany Grego and Megan Handau
Academics Chairs – Belle Grant and Claire Sullivan
Advancement Chair – Safia Sayed
Advocacy Chairs – Ashlee Fox and Elena Sokoloski
Alumni Relations Chair – Sarah Shapiro
Community Engagement Chair – Faven Getahun
Professional Development, Finance Chair – Hillary Browning
Professional Development, Programming Chair – Jenn Dikler


Chair – Charlotte Witherspoon
Academics Chair – Geneva Smith
Advancement Chair – Jenna Hoskison
Alumni Relations Chair – Adrianna Duggan
Community Engagement Chair – Pragya Malik
Gender Equity Advocacy Chair – Sonia Ghura
Member Advocacy Chair  – Helen Malley
Outreach Chair – Demi Moore
Professional Development Chair – Cat Gassiot
Programming Chair – Andrea Deleon Cruz
Scholarship Chair – Amy Jeon


Chair: Chloe Francis
Academics Chair: Gabrielle Jackson
Advancement Chair: Valerie Silva Parra
Alumni Chair: Sarah Nealon
Anti-Racism Advocacy Chair: Saja Spearman-Weaver
Community Engagement Chair: Isabella Forero
Gender Equity Advocacy Chair: Ali Fraerman
Mental Health and Wellness Advocacy Chair: Kai Galindo
Outreach Chair: Michelle Fraling
Professional Development Chair: Alice Wang
Programming Chair: Yael Caplan
Scholarship Chair: Natalie Kirchoff


Chair: Margaret House
Hannah Barbosa Cesnik
Sarah Baldinger
Sierra Stubbs
Sammy Bensinger
Sonia Qin
Taylor Withrow
Zaria Noble
Spurthi Jonnalagadda
Xaviera Webb


Chair: Serena Walker
Becca Steele
Anna Kaul
Rhea Christmas
Lisa Hansmann
Hannah Gross
Jordan Dannenberg
Taylor Cranor


Chair: Anna Funtelar
Erin Drake
Rita Gilles
Sarah Levine
Megan Mumford
Sam Peltz
Audrey Pence
Madeline Silva


Chair: Chelsea Shaffer
Iva Velickovic
Tori Stilwell
Tian Tian Xin
Catherine Crooke
Kate Logue
Miranda Li
Kendyl Clausen


Chair: Rachel Chung
Catherine Chen
Cecilia Cheng
Lauren Hobby
Lauren Miller
Elizabeth Pierson
Emily Wanger
Helen White


Chair: Rachel Wilf
Tashiana Hudson
Emma Larson
Alina Lindblom
Marissa Lindblom
Anna Mohan
My Khanh Ngo
Victoria Pasculli


Chair: Stephanie Krent
Aurelia Chaudhury
Jade Chong-Smith
Grace Heusner
Kathryn Loomis
Julia Shu
Claire Simonich
Megan Wright