Speak Up is truly a product of the diligence and insight of our entire community. We thank every YLS student, professor, and staff member who has contributed to this project for their support and encouragement. In particular, we express our appreciation to the many professors and students who generously participated in interviews, classroom monitoring, and the student response survey.

The 2016 YLW+ Speak Up Board

Project Chairs: Fran Faircloth and Ruth Anne French-Hodson

Executive Board: Lauren Hartz, Casey Hinkle, Tiffany Ng, Tracy Nowski, Eric Parrie, Mridula Raman, Celia Rhoads, Alice Shih, Vidya Venkataraman, Julie Wang

Faculty Interview Chair: Alice Shih

Classroom Monitoring Chair: Eric Parrie

Student Survey Chair: Mridula Raman