Title IX Information

On-Campus Resources for Sexual Assault and Harassment

Yale Law School and Yale University have an array of overlapping resources and complaint processes for students subjected to sexual misconduct. The following provides an overview of the resources and remedies available to students. Please note that of the University and Law School resources listed, only the SHARE Center and University’s Mental Health & Counseling Department offer strict confidentiality. The confidentiality, procedural formality, and available remedies vary widely from process to process. Teaching Assistants, Dean’s Advisors, and Cokers are all also mandatory reporters.

Information on Title IX Resources at Yale Law School specifically can be found  on the Sexual Misconduct page. More information on Sexual Misconduct Response at Yale and University resources is available at the Title IX page at Yale website and the University Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) website.  Specific information on Yale University’s definitions of sexual misconduct, sexual consent, and sexual harassment, as well as the University’s policy on teacher-student consensual relationships can be found on the Yale Office of Equal Opportunity programs website.

Title IX Student Advocates Group 

The Title IX Student Advocates Group at YLS are focused on advocacy at YLS to encourage the YLS community to understand, remedy, and prevent the impacts of gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, and sex-based harassment on students’ education and wellbeing.

2023-2024 Title IX Student Advocates Co-Chairs

Margo Darragh (margo.darragh@yale.edu)

Saki Long (xiaoqi.long@yale.edu)

Title IX Coordinators

Can assist students in identifying University resources. A list of all Title IX Coordinators is available here: http://provost.yale.edu/title-ix/coordinators.

Yale Law School’s Title IX Coordinator’s are:

Associate Dean Jennifer Cerny (jennifer.cerny@yale.edu)
Assistant Director Caitlin Dougherty (caitlin.dougherty@yale.edu)

The Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) Center

Provides confidential counseling 24/7 for students experiencing sexual violence or sexual harassment, stalking, or intimate partner abuse in any form.

Contact: 203-432-2000


The University’s Mental Health & Counseling Department

Provides confidential counseling.
Contact: 203-432-0290 (Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm)
After-hours contact: 203-432-0123 (Acute Care Department, open 24/7)

The Yale Police Department (203-432-4400) or the New Haven Police Department (203-946-5916) can provide information about law enforcement resources.