What We Do


The Co-Chairs oversee all YLW+ programs and serves as YLW+’s primary advocate and external representative in collaborating with key faculty, administrative, and outside stakeholders. In some years, the Co-Chairs have also spearheaded certain initiatives or programming. The Co-Chairs provide support and guidance to all YLW+ Board Members as they fulfill the responsibilities of their portfolios, leading the Board and ensuring the organization functions efficiently and effectively in pursuit of YLW+’s mission.

Academics Chairs

The Academics Chairs work to enrich the experience of YLW+ members during their careers as YLS students and to ensure their success throughout law school. The Academics Chairs promote the academic development of YLW+ members within the law school by planning “Off the Record” panels, organizing the Critical Theory Series, and providing limited support for the YLW+ Outline Bank. The Academics Chairs also maintain YLW+’s relationship with faculty through coordinating the YLW+ Faculty Dinner series. Finally, the Academics Chairs often help facilitate a YLW+-sponsored reading group in the fall or spring semester.

Advancement Chair

The Advancement Chair coordinates efforts to increase gender equity in the legal profession. The largest part of the portfolio is coordinating the Top Ten Firms Report. The Advancement Chair also leads Women in Legal Academia and works with the Advocacy Chair to encourage the hiring of diverse faculty from traditionally underrepresented gender identities, which may include serving on the annual Student Faculty Hiring Committee.

Advocacy Chairs

The Advocacy Chairs promote the rights and interests of YLW+ members at the law school. A large part of this portfolio revolves around the implementation of the Speak Up and Speak Up: Now What? reports through student education, ongoing research and advocacy, and behind-the-scenes work with professors and administrators. In the past, the Advocacy Chair worked on rolling out last year’s Mentorship Report and sharing the findings with the student body and faculty. In the future, the Advocacy Chair will run the “Fall Advocacy Committee” for students interested in reform and service at YLS and beyond. Past committees have produced the Speak Up! Reports and the Mentorship Report, and this year’s committee is working on the Speak Up, and Lead!, which focuses on examining leadership roles and the division of labor within the law school community. The Advocacy Chair also is responsible for YLW+’s programming on the Title IX and coordinates with Outlaws for advocacy around the Trans at YLS guide. Lastly, the Advocacy Chair sometimes works in a reactive manner, responding to gender-based issues that arise at the law school (or in the legal profession).

Alumni Relations Chair

The Alumni Relations Chair serves as a link between students and the inspiring YLW+ members that preceded us. The Alumni Relations Chair is the point person for all communication with alumni, including recruiting them for events and mentorship programs, updating them on activities at YLS, and fostering a sense of community among YLW+ members that continues after graduation.

Community Engagement Chair

The Community Engagement Chair is responsible for strengthening the YLW+ community. This programming includes initiatives to facilitate inter-class relationships, allow students to expand their networks, and foster students’ sense of connection to their peers. The Community Engagement Chair encourages information sharing and the transfer of institutional knowledge by organizing programming for upper-year students to impart their wisdom to incoming students. YLW+’s Community Engagement events range from one-on-one chats to small-group meetings to events with all of YLW+ in attendance. They include opportunities for intimate, extended mentorship as well as casual and informal socializing.

Finance Chair

The Finance Chair oversees the budget and spending requests for YLW+.

Outreach Chair

The Outreach Chair connects YLW+ to the world both inside outside of Yale Law School. The Outreach Chair organizes all outside speaker events, such as those in this year’s Spotlight series and series on #metoo as well as co-sponsored events. Additionally, the Outreach Chair has worked with the Community Engagement Chair to organize community service initiatives within the New Haven community and beyond.  Finally, the Outreach Chair is responsible for maintaining YLW+’s presence on and off campus by updating the YLW+ website, managing event publicity, and maintaining YLW+’s social media activity.

Professional Development Chair

The Professional Development Chair creates programming and resources to help students achieve their professional goals. This includes providing support for our members as they go through various stages of law school, from summer internships to on campus recruiting programs to clerkships. Additionally, to help make all YLW+ events possible, the Professional Development Chair is responsible for fundraising from and managing our relationships with our firm sponsors. Finally, the Professional Development Chair works closely with the Advocacy Chair on advocacy efforts related to professional success and happiness.